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The Oranges Vostfr Streaming !!TOP!!

These sweetmeats are not traditional New Year fare, but since navel oranges are at their peak in California during Tet, the peels have found a place in my holiday preparations. I use blemish-free organic oranges because the peel is what matters in this recipe. (Scrub the oranges well if they have a waxy coating.) For a touch of decadence, dip the peels in melted dark chocolate.

The oranges vostfr streaming

Open on a large kitchen in the midst of morning rush. Mom and Dad are engaged in an elaborate juggling routine involving cereal boxes, bowls, oranges, eggs, and spoons. A teenage boy slides acrobatically down the banister into a handstand on a skateboard, and proceeds to circle the kitchen at high speed. One daughter does back handsprings from the table to the fridge and back. Another eats a flaming piece of toast while talking on a cell phone. And in the background, the family poodle balances on its hind legs on a large red ball. 350c69d7ab


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